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People of MnW

Highly dedicated individuals and ambitious team focusing on building quality digitally equipped human workforce. We empower to empower future job seekers to excel in the future job market. Get to know us and our mentors!

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Harris Kristanto


As a Product Manager with 7+ years of experience, I am known to be able to have a good business sense with extensive agile/scrum experience, strong internal control awareness, and analytical abilities to evolve product strategy. However, from my experience, undoubtedly there has been a lack of a pool of talents mastering digital skills, hindering the growth of tech industries. Together with my team, we want to change this. We see human capital as the core of Indonesia's development, thus we present you MatchandWork and DigitalentAccelerator.

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Vania Christiawantho


Every second we are moving towards a more digitalized world. In Indonesia, this fact is followed by the upcoming demographic bonus in which one of the main concerns is the quality of human capital. Data has shown that there has been a huge digital skills gap and that it will worsen and affect the economy of our country as a result of our failure in maximizing Indonesia's potential to compete in the 4th IR era. MatchandWork and DigitalentAccelerator are platforms for people to break through limits and be digitally prepared for the future workforce.


Caroline Augustine

Project Manager

Having a health background as my study has done nothing but opened my eyes to the urgency of improving the workforce and eventually economic growth. The root causes of most problems are poverty and limited equal opportunity. As Indonesia has been considered late in being prepared for the digital era, this is the momentum for us to accelerate. In MatchandWork and DigitalentAccelerator, we value the spirit of growth. This platform is definitely for all eager beaver who believes that nothing is impossible.

Anastasia Iswari

Project Officer

Syachfara Novertania

Project Officer

Rachmat Arriz

Project Officer

Putri Zahrah

Social Media & Community Officer

Nur Azizah

Project Officer

Mentors of MnW