‘No Coding’ Roles for Computing/IT Graduates in the Tech Industry


Computing/IT majors have been one of the sexiest option in determining ones’ career path in this era. Everyone wants to be able to code, because it’s said that you’ll never have difficulties finding jobs if you can code, it’s even more beneficial if you have a computing/IT related degree. But not all computing/IT graduates actually love to code, and it can get very stressful if they continue to force themselves doing something they don’t like. So what are the options? What can computing/IT graduates do and how can they excel in the Tech Industry if they don’t code?


- This event serves to raise awareness of computing/IT graduates about the opportunities they can get if they work in the Tech Industry
- Knowledge sharing by experienced speakers about the real life of computing/IT graduates in the tech industry and how to break barriers and craft their careers especially for those who don’t like to code


1. Andy Putra (Head of ERP at Bhinekka.com)
2. Fathan Qoriba Suaidy (Head of Product at Berrybenka)
3. Lius Steven Sanjaya (Product Owner at Petrosea)


Caroline Augustine (Tech-Startup Mentee at Matchandwork.id)



- Is it true that all Computing/IT graduate will automatically be assigned jobs that include coding in the tech industry?
- What roles are possible to be given for Computing/IT graduates aside from system developer/engineer?
- Is it possible to be in the Top Management with a degree in Computing/IT?