'Consulting vs Technology: What's the Right Route for Me?'


Consulting and Tech are great career choices for any ambitious undergraduates today. Perhaps you want to build a start-up one day or be a C-level executive in a future unicorn – but where do you start? Management consulting can build one’s big-picture strategic thinking and analytical mind while being in Tech allows one to be at the forefront of industry early and create direct impact from the get-go. Stuck at the crossroads between two lucrative industries, where should one go first? What are some skills that both Consulting and Tech firms look out for? Should I go into Consulting first, then exit to Technology or vice-versa?


- This event serves to provide undergraduates with a sneak peek into life in Consulting and Technologies for ambitious undergraduates – especially those who aspire to be future co-founders or senior executives in the future
- Knowledge sharing by experienced speakers about the real life of management consulting and technology – including similarities & differences across both roles and their thoughts on the best path forward


1. Gaby Wantah (Co-founder at Bolu.id, ex-Bain)
2. Hendro Lim (Driver Lifecycle Manager at Gojek, ex-Accenture)
3. Ferro Ferizka (One of The Youngest Rector in Indonesia, 10+ Years Global Experience At Microsoft)


Caroline Augustine (Project Manager, Matchandwork.id)



- If I want to be a founder or senior executive in Tech in 10 years, where should I start today?
- What are some transferable skills between Consulting and Tech?
- Is it true that you progress faster if you have an initial background in Consulting first?
- Is it possible to enter Tech first, before trying to go into Consulting?