Customer Privacy Through Cyber Security


As technology advances every second, data is the new oil. Companies, especially the technology industry generate a large amount of client data on a day-to-day basis to operate their products and/ or services. Cybersecurity is the act to protect the computers or the system from malicious threats. For big companies including big marketplace, they might have fulfilled the international standards of cybersecurity. However, data breach or cybersecurity breach can happen both on a small and large scale which both will impact the business significantly.

There are a lot of cybersecurity attacks sources. Mostly, it happens due to the employees error. Thus, the effort to ensure organizational understanding to protect the data shall also be included as a part of cybersecurity strategy. From the customer perspective, they need to have the assurance of protection to provide their personal data. Thus, companies shall also ensure transparency and maintain responsibility for the data they have.

Cybersecurity to protect customer privacy is one of the sub-theme that Techathon 2021 will have under the big theme of “Solving Challenges in the E-commerce Settings”. By providing this pre-event webinar, Digitalent Accelerator hope to give the right amount of exposure to the students. On this webinar, we will talk about the status quo of cyber security development in Indonesia by inviting an expert.


The virtual workshop is organized with the expected objectives:
-Creating a platform for tech enthusiasts, university students, and the public to gather and learn interactively on the topic of “Customer Privacy Through Cyber Security”.
-To become a positive resource for participants to hone their interest and digital skills, hence preparing them to compete in the industry
-To pre-launch and promote the event “Techaton 2021” as an approach to reach a wider audience


1. Hendro, PMP, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CDPSE - Cyber Security Practitioner at Top Consulting Firm
2. Eryk Budi Pratama - Cyber Security Consultant at Top Consulting Firm
3. Chrisando Ryan - Lecturer Specialist Cyber Security at BINUS University


Harris Kristanto (Co-Founder at Matchandwork and Digitalent Accelerator)