Digital Marketing Utilization to Increase Customer Retention


As technology advances every second, the development of the technology industry has been unlimited. There are a lot of attraction points for companies to develop and market their products or services to a wider perspective. Due to the limitless options of the products and services, customers also have wider options. It requires extra efforts to find a way to reach audiences. In addition to that, the situation of pandemic has exacerbated human dependency to the digital platforms.

Digital marketing is the way to attract consumers in a faster way. Techathon 2021 is an integrated national competition for business and technology enthusiasts to compete and challenge their current capacity. Techathon 2021 bringing the theme of ‘Solving Challenges in E-commerce Settings’ also covers digital marketing as one of its sub-theme. Through the digital marketing lens, we believe that it will be easier for E-commerce to expand its market and evaluate overall concept and implementation. On this webinar, we will talk about the status quo of digital marketing development in Indonesia by inviting an expert.


The virtual workshop is organized with the expected objectives:
Creating a platform for tech enthusiasts, university students, and the public to gather and learn interactively on the topic of “Digital Marketing Utilization to Increase Customer Retention”
To become a positive resource for participants to hone their interest and digital skills, hence preparing them to compete in the industry
To pre-launch and promote the event “Techaton 2021” as an approach to reach a wider audience


1. Jagad Narendra - Digital Marketing Manager at Omnicom Group
2. Sabilla Mazaya - Senior Digital Marketing at IDP Connect


To be announced