Indonesia Youth Digital Summit


As more comfort is established in online transactions, E-commerce is expected to be the face of the future. Along with technological advancements, sellers have more ability to have enhanced search, customization, and personalization, which ultimately develop their businesses. Furthermore, the general consumers are also advantaged through more secure transactions, genuine reviews, and hassle-free shopping, hence their experience is improved. In fact, E-commerce businesses are rated to grow by 265% in 2021 and are foreseen to continue rising. This consistent long-term increase, without any signs of decline, shows that today’s generation should be prepared to face the E-commerce dynamic environment, where changes and upgrades constantly occur.

However, Indonesia still lacks digital experts and skilled personnel to optimize the inevitable opportunity of digital growth. According to a report in 2016, Indonesia is facing an abundant shortage of 9 million skilled digital talents in a period of 15 years. This digital gap hinders the ultimate aim of Indonesia to be the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia by approximately 2030. Furthermore, the laid-back Indonesian labor skills will lead to unemployment and business inefficiency, hence negatively affecting the economy. Therefore, preparing Indonesian youths with the correct skills and mindset is crucial to create a better future.

The Indonesian Youth Digital Summit aims to become a platform where Indonesian university students can gain awareness regarding the importance of digital knowledge and skills, thus bridging the digital talents shortage gap. By inviting an expert to provide this pre-event webinar, Digitalent Accelerator hopes to give the right amount of exposure to the students in order to trigger their participation in Techathon 2021. In this summit, we will learn specifically about the future of E-Commerce and the projection of Indonesian digital talents.


The Summit is organized with the expected objectives:
● Creating a platform for tech enthusiasts, university students, and the public to gather and learn interactively on the topic of “
● To become a positive resource for participants to hone their interest and digital skills, hence preparing them to compete in the industry
● To pre-launch and promote the event “Techaton 2021” as an approach to reach a wider audience


Sally Taher - Co-founder & Partner at Red & White Consulting Partners LLP

Chandra Asmara - Manager BD New & Renewable Energy at Pertamina Power Indonesia

Edward Widjonarko - Co-founder of Cicil.co.id

Cahyanto Arie Wibowo - Head of Growth at KapanLagiYouniverse

Vania Christiawantho - Co-Founder of MatchandWork


Christella Fenisianti - Runner Up Miss Indonesia 2020 & Co-founder of Abilitas.id



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