Personalization Approach to Increase Customer Satisfaction


Amidst the highly concentrated e-commerce market, customer satisfaction is a key aspect in building a competitive advantage. The advancement of e-commerce has prompted buyer’s high bargaining power and eases the barrier for competitors to enter. In fact, Indonesian e-commerce is rated competitive on a medium to high level. However, these inevitable challenges can be tackled by further associating technology with business strategies. With the aim to create an engaging marketing strategy, personalization is an effective approach to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately influence buyer’s decision-making process.

Personalization focuses on providing individualized content to customers through the involvement of data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology. Each individual customer has unique preferences that are essential to address in order to ensure a positive customer experience and a better business-customer relationship. The improved customer experience will consequently build brand loyalty that strengthens competitiveness. Therefore, companies shall consider the importance of personalization in order to survive and thrive in the modern e-commerce market.

Personalization approach to increase customer satisfaction is one of the sub-theme that Techathon 2021 will have under the big theme of “Solving Challenges in the E-commerce Settings”. By inviting an expert to provide this pre-event webinar, Digitalent Accelerator and Bisa AI hope to give the right amount of exposure to the students in order to trigger their participation on Techathon 2021. Through this webinar, we will learn specifically about the UI and UX Researcher or Designer perspective in setting the personalization approach.


The virtual workshop is organized with the expected objectives:
● Creating a platform for tech enthusiasts, university students, and the public to
gather and learn interactively on the topic of “Personalization approach to
increase customer satisfaction”
● To become a positive resource for participants to hone their interest and digital
skills, hence preparing them to compete in the industry
● To pre-launch and promote the event “Techaton 2021” as an approach to reach a wider audience


1. Rizky Mahesa Noer
Lead Product Designer at Empatkali
2. Pamela Kareen
Operational Director at Bisa AI


To be Revealed Soon!



Personalization approach to increase customer satisfaction