Systemize and Automate current manual process to improve efficiency and productivity


The modernization of businesses has led technology into becoming an essential aid to achieve efficiency and productivity. As businesses are constantly faced with intense competition, making the best possible use of resources is prominent to improve efficiency hence reducing cost. Furthermore, businesses can have a chance to generate higher income by being productive, or being able to do more within the same amount of time. Although there are a number of constraints that hinder the attainment of efficiency and productivity, the integration of technology into business processes is the most preferred assistance to tackle them.

Integrating technology into business processes can be conducted through a systemized automation. As technology is used to execute recurring tasks, the previous manual effort can be replaced to streamline processes hence resulting in a minimized cost and improved efficiency. Furthermore, business systemization, or the act of arranging processes into a system, can assist a firm's consistent operation to be self-running. Therefore, other productive resources can be allocated to do more important, creative, and impactful tasks.

Systemized and automating current manual processes to improve efficiency and productivity is one of the sub-theme that Techathon 2021 will have under the big theme of “Solving Challenges in the E-commerce Settings”. By inviting an expert to provide this pre-event webinar, Digitalent Accelerator and Asiacommerce hope to give the right amount of exposure to the students in order to trigger their participation in Techathon 2021.


The virtual workshop is organized with the expected objectives:
- Creating a platform for tech enthusiasts, university students, and the public to gather and learn interactively on the topic of “Systemized and automate current manual process to improve efficiency and productivity”
- To become a positive resource for participants to hone their interest and digital skills, hence preparing them to compete in the industry
- To pre-launch and promote the event “Techathon 2021” as an approach to reach a wider audience


1. Frans Yuwono, CEO of Asiacommerce
2. Harris Kristanto, Sr. Product Manager at Gudangada


To be announced