Techathon Virtual Workshop: Key to Maximizing Your Performance in the Tech Industry


In light of the spirit of Techathon 2021 to accelerate the digital skills enhancement of youths in Indonesia, the virtual workshop is organized to introduce and guide the Indonesian youths with selected on-demand digital skills in the 4th Industrial Revolution era

The virtual workshop is aspiring to address the concern of tech enthusiasts and the public as a whole who aspire to work in the tech industry but hindered by the belief that high levels of digital skills are required. Therefore, the selected speakers of the workshop will not only mentor the audiences but also inspire them with their journey and experience in the tech industry, the career path, and an end to end pipeline to get into the tech industry

Finally, the virtual workshop is expected to act as a platform where Indonesian youths, MatchAndWork, and tech industry leaders could interact with each other which will bring positive ideas, encouragement, and future possible collaborations


-Bringing encouragement to Indonesian youths to foster and enhance digital skills.

-A platform to bring together public, tech enthusiasts and tech industry leaders corresponding to Indonesian digital talents development through fruitful interaction.


1. Jesha Vebrattie – Head of Commercial and Partnership KUMPUL
2. Jason Widjaja – UX Researcher at DANA Indonesia
3. Johanes – Software Engineer at Grab Singapore
4. Harris Kristanto – Product Manager at Gudangada





-Keynote: How to Excel the 3 Minutes Elevator Pitching in Tech Industry
-Product Management 101: How to Develop a Product with a limited resources & What's the expectation upon a Product Manager.
-Software Engineer 101: Crucial roles of a Software Engineer & How a Software Engineers collaborate with others in Product Development Team.
-UI/UX Researcher 101: How to Ideate Our Research & Communicate the Ideas to Stakeholders